Cary Parkway

Left Turn Lanes Open on High House/Cary Parkway Intersection

Cary, NC – In time for the holiday rush, new left turn lanes are now open at the High House Road and Cary Parkway intersection as roadwork nears completion. Read more

Gas Prices

Cary Gas Prices Hit Lowest Prices of the Year

Cary, NC – After gasoline prices significantly higher than previous years all throughout 2018, Cary motorists are getting some relief as prices hit a year low as OPEC meets to discuss possible price changes. Read more

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Unexpectedly Dropping This Fall

Cary, NC – After gasoline prices got up to some of their highest points in years during the Summer, prices are now on the decline with all signs showing they will continue to fall through the end of 2018. Read more

Parts of Chatham Street, Waldo Rood Closed This Week

Cary, NC – As part of road resurfacing, portions of West Chatham Street and Waldo Rood Boulevard will be closed starting the week of Monday, October 29, 2018. Read more

Cary Ranks Among Top Five Towns for Used Cars in State

Cary, NC – A new study on the affordability of buying a used car suggests not only is Wake County one of the better counties in North Carolina to buy a used car but Cary is one of the best municipalities state-wide, ranking third out of more than 700 towns and cities researched. Read more

Bird Scooter

Bird Electric Scooters Arrive in Cary

Cary, NC – If you’ve been to any nearby colleges or large urban areas, you have likely seen the various brands of rentable electric scooters either in use or laying in wait. Now one of these scooter brands is in Cary and town staff are waiting to see how they should be regulated. Read more

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Rising in Cary While Spiking Nationwide

Cary, NC – Local gas prices have climbed by as much as 10 cents in parts of the Triangle, though evidence shows this has little to do with Hurricane Florence. Also, while prices are climbing in Cary and the Triangle, nationwide gas price increases mean North Carolina has some of the cheapest gasoline in the country. Read more

Gas Prices

Hurricane Florence Left Minimal Impact on Cary Gas Prices

Cary, NC – Right before Hurricane Florence hit, Cary residents saw long lines of cars waiting to stock up on gasoline. But now that the hurricane has passed, fuel supplies and prices look stable despite the historic rainfall. Read more

Cary Ranks As Top 20 Safe Driving Town as Collisions Increase Nationwide

Cary, NC – As studies show fatal car accidents on the rise nationwide, Cary ranks as one of the safest places to drive in a new study by Allstate, with the average Cary driver getting into a collision fewer than once every 10 years. Read more

Gas Prices

Cary Gas Prices Drop As Summer Ends

Cary, NC – As Summer winds down, it appears demand for gasoline is as well, leading to a gradual dip in gas prices across Cary and the Triangle. Read more