Cary Parkway

High House/Cary Parkway Roadwork Creates Delays in Coming Weeks

Cary, NC – As an early step to future expansion of the High House Road and Cary Parkway expansion, the busy intersection will face delays for much of March. Read more

Gas Prices

What’s Behind Local Gas Prices Rising?

Cary, NC – Drivers in Cary may have noticed gasoline prices growing over the past few weeks. In fact, prices are significantly higher than they were this same time last year and there are a few key reasons why. Read more

Cary Town Council

Cary Town Council: Fenton Approved, Maynard Rezoning and More

Cary, NC – The Cary Town Council approved rezoning for the largest development in town history at their latest meeting, as well as votes on infrastructure and two rezoning Public Hearings. Read more

Traffic Signal

Weston Parkway Traffic Growing, Leading to New Traffic Signal

Cary, NC – Studies by Cary town staff show traffic growing on Weston Parkway. Those reviews have led to the decision to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Weston Parkway and Sheldon Drive. Read more

Bicycle Race

V Foundation Adds New Bicycle Ride for Cancer Fundraising

Cary, NC – The V Foundation for Cancer Research is well known in the Cary and Triangle area for their work on cancer research fundraising and their fundraising events such as the Tobacco Road Marathon. The organization is launching a new fundraising bicycle event and will have a training ride starting here in Cary. Read more

Detours and Maps for Cary Railroad Crossing Closings

Cary, NC – Next week, several railroad crossings in Cary will be closed for repairs. Here’s what you need to know about where these closures will be and how to get around them. Read more

West Cary

Western Cary Group Brings Attention to Local Concerns

Cary, NC – West Cary is the fastest growing part of Cary but residents have expressed concerns about a lack of resources paired with growing infrastructure needs. For the past year and a half, the Northwest Cary Community Connection has worked to bridge the divide between residents and town government to highlight the local priorities. Read more

Cary Snow

Weather Conditions in Cary – 1/4/18

Cary, NC – With snow on the ground, ice predicted by tonight and temperatures remaining low, here is the information you need to know about current weather conditions. Read more

Downtown Cary

New Study Ranks Cary as Fifth-Safest Town Nationwide

Cary, NC – A new study has Cary as one of the top five safest towns or cities in the United States, while also showing a possible link between safety and public transportation. Read more

New Transit Meetings Look for Public Input on Buses

Cary, NC – One year ago, a majority of voters in Wake County approved the county Transit Plan, with new sales taxes and registration fees put in place to raise money for mass transit projects. In new public information meetings this week and online, the county is looking for public input on what form new mass transit, particularly bus transit, should take. Read more