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Harold’s Blog: Quarterly Meeting, VFW Anniversary and More

Monday I met with the town manager for our weekly one-on-one. We spent most of our time talking about the upcoming quarterly meeting. We also spent time talking about future parks.

Monday evening I recorded a podcast with the “Guys who do stuff” group. We had a great interview about how I became involved in government and the challenges we faced and are expecting to face.

Harold’s Blog: Cary’s New Library, Cary Band Day and More

Monday I met with the First Lego League Robotics team about issues related to the environment. They created a plan and a model for Carpenter Park to include items like solar power, rain barrels for water, and trees to shade for play structures. It is so very encouraging to have youth at this age focusing on ideas that will make their community better. This type of engagement is what makes our community great. Thanks to the youth for visiting and sharing their ideas. They plan to meet with our Parks Director next.

Harold’s Blog: Cary Regional Library, Downtown Developments and More

Monday night I attended a meeting of the Wake County Mayors Association. Eight mayors were in attendance. Mayors not attending were Apex, Knightdale, Morrisville, and Wendell. The first speaker was the Executive Director of InterAct who talked about the need for more municipal partnerships. The second speaker was the Wake County School Board chairman who fielded questions and talked about naming schools and school assignments. The current Wake County School board has adopted a policy to not name schools after municipalities and instead name them after regions. He also mentioned the need for educational diversity and stated to me that Panther Creek may change in the future. I responded with “Good luck with that” since Panther Creek and all Cary schools have a very strong parent base. The meeting of the mayors lasted about two hours.

Harold’s Blog: Cary Town Council, Environmental Sustainability and More

Monday I attempted to contact all council members to hear of questions or concerns about Thursday’s agenda. Questions and concerns were centered around the hotel proposed in the Weston Office park. 

Later in the day I met with staff to go over the agenda items. Most of the discussion was about what to put in the staff reports. That meeting lasted about fifteen minutes.

Harold’s Blog: Green Level High School, Constitution Week and More

Tuesday I met with two representatives from the Taylor Family YMCA.  The YMCA is working on their Long-Range Plan for the next 10 years. As they prepare for that Long-Range Plan the Corporate Development Office is interviewing local officials and leaders to help them shape their vision. I answered dozens of questions and told multiple stories in addition to providing information about how I thought Cary will grow in the future. We talked for about an hour.

Harold’s Blog: Town Council Meeting, Cary Bonds and More

Monday I attempted to contact council members to hear of questions or concerns about the agenda for Thursday’s regularly scheduled meeting. There was very little comment with one concern about the rezoning proposal at I540.

Later Monday I met with management and directors to go over the agenda. We did not have any major issues with the agenda, and I predicted the meeting would last about an hour and a half to two hours.