Transportation: Western Wake Freeway Update

Story and pictures by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Local news media has made much of the construction noise on 540. For those affected, it is indeed an unfortunate situation. But there’s more to the story of this road than just noise.

Where will it go? What will it cost? When will it be open? For answers, CaryCitizen turned to Joe Milazzo, Executive Director of the Regional Transportation Alliance. Read more

Harold’s Blog: Highlights from the Quarterly Report

From the blog of Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht, covering the week through July 31, 2011. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

I started this week at the beach as the family had one last long weekend together before the girls head off to college. We returned on Tuesday evening and it was back to work on Wednesday. Read more

RailHawks Blank Atlanta in Short, Rainy Game

Game summary from the Carolina RailHawks. Photos by Chris Adamczyk for CaryCitizen.

CARY, N.C. – The Carolina RailHawks earned their league-leading 14th victory Saturday night after defeating Atlanta 1-0 in a match that was abandoned in the 50th minute at WakeMed Soccer Park. Read more

Food Factory Closes in Cary

Cary, NC – The Food Factory, a longtime favorite for breakfast and lunch downtown, closed its doors in Cary for the last time on Saturday. The restaurant is relocating to Duke University in Durham. Read more

Downed Power Lines Close Chapel Hill Road at NW Maynard

Cary, NC – Downed power lines closed Chapel Hill Road where it crosses NW Maynard for much of the day on Monday. Read more

Events: Ritmo Latino is Good Time for All

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photos by Hal Goodtree. 

Cary, NC- The Ritmo Latino Festival in Cary, presented by Diamante, showcases the food, music, dancing and fun of Latino culture. Its free to everyone next Sunday, August 7th in Bond Park. Read more

Talking About: Cars in Cary

Story and graphics by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – You can’t spell Cary without C-A-R. And for lovers of the automobile great and small, there’s a lot to talk about in Cary this summer. Let’s start by squaring away the difference between Cary Auto Park and Cary Automall.

Automall vs. Auto Park

Like many perhaps, I was confused – or rather, conflated – Cary’s Auto Park and Automall on Highway 64. They are in fact two separate businesses, competitors if you will, living side by side.

Auto Park is a Leith Automotive development off 64 at Autopark Blvd. It has Honda, Acura, Smart, VW, Jaguar, Chrysler, Jeep, Mercedes, Land Rover and Porsche.

Cary Automall is a Hendrick Automotive Group development. It is split into two areas.

The main entrance is Mackenan Drive off 64. That section has Kia, Buick GMC, Chevrolet, Dodge and Fiat.

Off Old Raleigh Road just behind the main development, Hendrick also has Cadallic, Saab, Hummer and Spyker.

Also on Old Raleigh Road, but unaffiliated with Automall or Auto Park is Johnson Hyundai and Suburu.

Cary Autopark / Automall Map

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind CaryCitizen Auto Park/Automall map, available no where else, to help you navigate your way to the dealerships on 64.

New Toyota Dealership

While other regions are losing dealerships, we’re getting more automotive badges and brands.

The new Toyota dealership on Laura Duncan and NC 64 is open. They also sell Scions.


And, as previously mentioned, Fiat has its first NC dealership in the space formerly occupied by Saturn in Cary Automall.

Other Car Dealerships in Cary

The other big dealership development in Cary is at Crossroads where US 1 and I-40 cross.

It’s a little bit more spread out the Autoparkmall, but it’s where you’ll find Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and Mazda.


The local Volvo dealership is on Maynard near the corner of High House. Nissan is in Apex on NC 55 at the intersection of 64.

31 Badges and Brands

That’s a total of 31 car new car dealerships right here in the greater Cary metroplex.

Car-heaven for car-lovers. Plenty to talk about.


Health: The Joy of Cast-Iron

Story by Kaynan Goldberg. Kaynan is CaryCitizen’s 12-year-old columnist on all things frugal, crunchy, healthy and green. She also blogs at VeggiesGoCrunch. Photo by Kirk Olson.

Cary, NC – You know how I promised you a cast-iron post?  Well, I consulted with a friend who used to be in the culinary gadgets business (she worked in that high-end cookware store in the mall – you know the one), and she came up with a whole list of reasons why cast-iron is amazing. Read more

Technology: A Brief Introduction to Google+

Story by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – You’ve heard the buzz. Now, Google+ has come to CaryCitizen. Here’s a brief introduction to the application that’s sweeping across the internet.

Read more

Wanted: Kids for Video Downtown on Saturday

Cary, NC – The Downtown Cary Children’s Museum (DCCM) needs your help this weekend in the making of a Pepsi Refresh video. Read more