Cary Towne Center

Plans at Cary Towne Center Continue to Change as Dillard’s Announces Closure

Cary, NC – Over the past few years, there have been numerous plans for changing the layout of Cary Towne Center, and all of them have kept Dillard’s standing. Now that’s set to change as the Southern department store announces it is closing this year.

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Harold’s Blog: North Carolina Legislature, Stormwater and More

Cary, NC – This week was very slow which is typical for this time of year.

Monday – Election Preparation

Monday, I met with the town manager for about half an hour. We talked about a few things including the upcoming election.

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cary park

A Look at Western Cary’s Newest Parks

Cary, NC – At the June 27, 2019 Cary Town Council meeting, the master plan for two new parks in western Cary, each with their own distinguishing features. Get the details on what these parks will include and why they will look the way they do.

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Cary Mayor

Harold’s Blog: Cary Town Council, Meeting with Governor and More

This was a slow week which is typical for this time of year.

Monday – Preparing for the Week

Monday I attempted to contact all council members to hear concerns or questions about the upcoming meeting that I could discuss with staff. I contacted each of them except one. There were no concerns but based on my conversations it seemed that support for the Roberts Road rezoning was doubtful.

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Cary Town Council

Cary Town Council: Town Budget, West Cary Parks and More

Cary, NC – At the latest Cary Town Council meeting, the council passed the 2020 budget, confirmed the Master Plan for two new parks, held the Pinning Ceremony for Cary’s new police chief and more.

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Harold’s Blog: Billboards, Transit Plan and More

Cary, NC – This week was a bit slower than last week as we approach the end of the fiscal year. Once our budget is approved by the end of June things will slow down for a few days.

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Guide to Upcoming Election Season in Cary and Morrisville

Wake County, NC – Between candidates for public office and bond referendums on the ballot, voters will have a lot to take on in this upcoming election. Here is all the information on dates, registration and more for the 2019 election. Read more


Updates on Morrisville Road Extensions and Connections

Morrisville, NC – Of all of Morrisville’s road projects, one of the biggest is the McCrimmon Parkway extension, connecting the road between Airport Boulevard and Aviation Parkway. That connection is set to be completed less than a year from now, with more roadwork coming to the surrounding areas. Read more

Cary Mayor

Harold’s Blog: High School Graduations, Town Council Meeting and More

Cary, NC – This week was my first week back from vacation. As expected it was a busy week.

Monday – Planning for the Week

Monday morning, after conferring with staff, we decided to cancel the agenda meeting since our council meeting agenda for Thursday was a short one. I sent an email to council and asked them to send questions or concerns about the agenda and heard back from none of them.

Later in the day I met with the town clerk for about forty-five minutes to discuss her staff duties in her planned absence. Our clerk staff is a very talented group and does a great job of covering for each other. We are blessed to have one of the best town clerk’s and clerk staffs in the state.

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