Students Abroad: Trip to India Reflects on Cary


Story and photos by Jamie Berger, an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill from Cary, NC.

Cary, NC – Approximately one-third the size of the United States, but home to about 17% of the world’s population, India is best described as a country of extremes.  Characterized by infinite diversity and cultural abundance, India is a place of both extravagant wealth and unimaginable poverty.  Its vast history has been shaped by the cruelest tyranny and the very essence of peace, and today it stands at the fascinating confluence of countless ancient traditions and the West’s globalizing modernity. Read more

Cary Exchange Student: Thanksgiving in Copenhagen

Story and pictures from Copenhagen According to Travis, the blog of N. C. State junior and economics major Travis Toth, a 2010 graduate of Green Hope High School in Cary.  

Copenhagen, Denmark – I’ve been pretty slack about updating my blog, so I’m going to give you an outline of this past week, Sunday to Sunday. In a way, the past seven days have been a prime example of all the best aspects of life in Copenhagen. Let’s get started. Read more

Fall Events at Cary High School

Staff Writer Brian Schmid is a senior at Cary High. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Public school has been back in session for two weeks now, and the high school events are piling up. Although students have the usual classwork, homework, clubs and athletics to deal with, many attend extracurricular events. While most of these events are distinctly student oriented, some stick out as great for people of all ages. Read more

The Story of Joscha Gollner, a German Exchange Student in Cary


Story by Brian Schmidt. iPad photo courtesy of the Ashworth family.

Cary, NC – Joscha Gollner is a typical high school student, balancing playing for the Soccer and Tennis teams, a rigorous academic courseload at St. David’s, and being active in the church. However, there is one small detail that sets him apart.

Joscha lives a half hour’s drive away from Dusseldorf, Germany.

Joscha was a foreign exchange student, living with the Ashworths last school year. He enjoyed living in Cary so much that he actually returned for part of August to see his host family and friends. I sat down with Joscha to get a perspective on Cary from someone from way out of town. Read more

Veterans Groups in Cary

 Story by Brian Schmid. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – There are many Veterans Groups throughout the nation, and it can be very difficult to keep them straight. Acronyms like MOAA and VFW tend to make civilian’s heads spin, and who can blame them? It seems like they are all nearly carbon copies of each other. In reality though, each group has different entry requirements and slightly different purposes. Read more

The Many Shades of Boy Scouting

Story by Brian Schmid. Photo by Benjamin Toombs.

Cary, NC – Scouting is a pretty simple organization, right? You wear a khaki shirt and go sit in the woods every so often and practice firemaking or something.

In reality though, scouting is a huge organization with many different branches with different opportunities. In addition to the Boy Scouts, there are 3 other major programs that a scout can join at age 13. Read more

Pat McCrory Talks Business at Cary Innovation Center

Story by Brian Schmid. Photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory visited the Cary Innovation Center on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. The former Mayor of Charlotte held a roundtable discussion with local business leaders and unveiled his seven point platform for economic recovery in North Carolina.

Read more

Events: A Fourth of July Kind of Week in Cary

Story by Brian Schmid and staff. Photo by Harold Neal.

Cary, NC – Independence Day is on a Wednesday this year, but a holiday in the middle of the week is just an opportunity for some good old American ingenuity! Music, fireworks, movies and sports dot the week of the Fourth this year in Cary.  Read more

Afloat With the Cary Naval ROTC Sailing Team

Story by Brian Schmid. Photo by Phillip Thomas.

Cary, NC – Did you know that Cary High has a Junior ROTC program? Did you know that it’s Naval ROTC? Well, Cary NJROTC has a new sailing team, and I’m the captain. Here’s the story of a typical sailing practice on our new yacht. Read more

Summer Concerts at Booth Ampitheatre

Story by Brian Schmid. Photo from

Cary, NC – I love Booth Ampitheatre in Cary. The atmosphere under the trees, the amazing sound quality and the variety of musical acts make this a town treasure. Here’s an update on what’s coming up for Cary concert-goers this summer. Read more