Elizabeth’s Gets Storefront Facelift – Town Pays Half

Owner Elizabeth Sullivan and daughter Chelsea outside their newly renovated storefront Elizabeth's in Downtown Cary

Owner Elizabeth Sullivan and daughter Chelsea outside their newly renovated storefront Elizabeth’s in Downtown Cary

story and photo by Lindsey Chester

Cary, NC – Thanks to help from the Town of Cary, the owners of Elizabeth’s Home & Garden Shop in Downtown Cary have a spiffy new storefront.   Read more

pumpkin chuck

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

pumpkin chuckCary, NC – Announcing Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck, scheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Bond Park.

Pumpkin Chucking

Not familiar with a pumpkin chuck? It’s a competition where teams hurl pumpkins at targets and for distance with a homemade device called a trebuchet.

A trebuchet is like a catapult, except with a sling instead of a giant spoon.

Pumpkin chucks are also called punkin’ chuckin’ and punkin chunkin’. Don’t know why “chunking” except maybe alliteration.


Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck

Whatever you want to call it, Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck will happen the weekend after Halloween – Sunday, November 3, 2013. More info on

The venue is the Spillway in beautiful Bond Park. That’s the area between the Community Center and the lake – a hilly spot overlooking a big, flat field. It’s sometimes used for event and Spring Daze parking.

The Spillway is about 500 feet long. We’ll be using approximately 300 feet for the punkin’ chuckin’.

Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a co-production of Town of Cary and TechnologyTank.

Mini-Maker Fair

Cary’s Punkin’ Chuck will also have a mini-Maker Fair. Booths to be announced, but expect science, technology and DIY exhibits.

If you’d like to be an exhibitor at the event, please email Ian Henshaw.


Teams are forming now! Cary’s Great Pumpkin Chuck is a fun, innovative experience for Scout troops, school clubs, families and hobbyists of all ages.

For more information, visit To register, visit EventBrite.


Trebuchet photo for  Cub Scout Pack 101 in Cedar Valley, Texas by Irish Typepad.


Scoops for Troops this Saturday

scoops-for-troopsNorth Carolina is recognized as the nation’s most military friendly state. This Saturday, The Town of Cary and The North Carolina USO aim to uphold that proud tradition with “Scoops for Troops” on Saturday, July 20, 2013. Read more

Apply Now for Cary School Of Government


Story by Lindsey Chester, a member of Cary’s Parks & Rec Advisory Board and a graduate of Cary’s School of Government. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Have you ever wondered how Cary sets is budget? What our Land Use Plan is? How our town regulates the traffic lights? Find out the answers to these and much more by participating in Cary’s School of Government course. Read more

Cary Guide to Halloween 2012

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo by Troy Pickard.

Cary, NC – October in Cary is filled with activities from corn maze fun on area farms to a Town sponsored annual Haunted House and a new Downtown Harvest Festival. Make your ghoulish plans now with our Cary Guide to Halloween 2012. Read more

Environment: Fall Litter Sweep In Cary

Photo from SPRUCE facebook page

Cary, NC – The Town is having their Fall Litter Sweep this Saturday, October 6, 2012 from 9-11:30 AM. You can help make the event a smashing success. Read more

Operation Medicine Drop Next Saturday

Photo by Treasure Tia.

Cary, NC – Do you have old prescriptions lying around your medicine cabinet or over the counter medicines that are expired, but you don’t know what to do with them? Have no fear: Operation Medicine Drop is coming next  Saturday to a Cary location near you. Read more

Cary Names Tech Task Force

Cary, NC – At its regular meeting last week, Cary Town Council approved members of a new Technology Task Force. The job of the nine-member group is to recommend ways the Town can the best use of technology in communicating with citizens. Read more

Cary’s First Reuse Rodeo: What’s in Your Closet?

Story by Leslie Huffman. Photo by K.

Cary, NC – I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of stuff in my closets that really needs to go. My kids are growing so fast. Their closets are full of last year’s barely worn clothing and shoes that no longer fit.

I have an old desk chair and child-size beach chairs that we don’t use anymore. A perfectly good coffee machine and a never used Easy Bake Oven are just waiting for a new home. What’s in your closet? Read more

The Solar Farm on the Parking Deck

Story by Leslie Huffman, photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Back in 2007, the North Carolina General Assembly implemented the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS). Under this law, investor-owned utility companies in North Carolina (like Duke Energy) are required to meet 12.5% of their electrical needs through renewable energy sources.

Now, Cary is forging ahead with an innovative plan for a solar farm on a parking deck. Read more